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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Another time zone

Puerto Rico is in a new time zone. This is now the 6th time zone Dave has sailed in since heading out in Apsaras. Before arriving in port, Mike and Dave go forward to work on retrieving the broken flag halyard. It broke early in the trip in the high winds. Dave manages to stand on the boom while the boat is trying to pitch him off and retrieves the halyard with the boat hook.

Now we can raise the yellow quarantine flag when we get to Ponce. Saltydog and crew arrived safe and sound in Ponce after dark. Channel was well lit and we had pictures of the marina so it was no problem finding the CBP slip on the fuel dock. Dave called CBP and they took all of the information. The officer told us to buy our sticker and get our passports checked at the office the next day. He said it would open at 8:00. Dave verified that he meant 8:00 on a Sunday and he said yes. The officer said we were free to roam about in the meanwhile. Cool. 

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