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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Who's on night shift?

It is apparent that we are not averaging anywhere near our estimated speed motoring in the waves and wind. A quick calculation shows that we will not have enough fuel to motor the whole way to Antigua. That means we get to tack our way under sail. Even though we are sailing faster than we can motor, tacking makes it a little slower. At least, we will have fuel this way. Best estimate now is that we will arrive Thursday, not Wednesday as first estimated. We have gotten into the routine to have a simple breakfast, big hot lunch and whatever sounds good for the night watches. Today we had mac-and-cheese with sausage. Making a hot meal for lunch is easier when the sun is out and allows the second night shift to nap in the evening. Speaking of shifts – we do not run shifts during the day. Whoever is on deck is watching the boat. Usually, there are two on deck during the day reading and one below – the cockpit is kind of small and possibly wet for the third person. At night, we run 3 hour shifts beginning at 8PM. Mike and Holly usually do the first two shifts and Dave does the 2AM shift.  

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