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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Apsaras Settles In At Ladysmith Marina

We awoke to a warm and sunny morning.  After a breakfast of oatmeal, greek yogurt, berries, and honey we were off!

Big excitement for the day was a radio call to the coast guard from a sailboat that had gone aground just outside Telegraph Harbor where we were headed.  Several power boats responded.  We were on scene shortly thereafter, but by the time we arrived, the sailboat had successfully been pulled off the rocks by having one of the power boats pull on the sailboat halyard till she heeled over 45 degrees and could be floated off the rocks.

We pulled into Telegraph harbor and found it completely full up.  So we decided to head for Ladysmith Marina – where Apsaras will live for the foreseeable future.

A bit of maneuvering to back her into the slip in a light wind trying to blow us off the dock, but nothing Dave couldn’t handle.  After we got her parked, Dave tied down the final line, and Apsaras is now officially parked in her new slip.  We cracked open a bottle of sparkling shiraz to celebrate!

Dave confessed that he was a bit puzzled during the docking maneuver because he thought he was further away from the dock than he was.  We were all like, “huh?”  How after all these years of docking is that possible?  Turns out Dave can’t actually see the dock from the helm.  So he reads Melissa’s face and body language – basically when he can see she is ready to jump off he knows he is close enough.  But since Melissa was barefoot, she didn’t want to jump from as far as usual.  We all had a laugh about that!

Melissa started to load the pictures for the blog post, but we promptly ran out of carrier pigeons on the Rodgers SIM card we purchased a few days ago.  A Gigabyte doesn’t go as far as it used to.  We tried to turn off windows update, carbonite, and the one drive syncs, but we still chewed through the data in a few days.  The marina supposedly has WiFi, but apparently the connection sucks as we were not able to actually get any data transfer at all.  Dave calls Rodgers as they told him he could just call and add more data anytime.  Alas, they wouldn’t take a US credit card.  Even in Central America the cell phone companies would take our money!  So Dave and Jim headed off to purchase Rodger’s vouchers which can then be used to pay for more data. 

Thank goodness we have air conditioning.  The marina is hotter than blazes.  We didn’t figure we would need it up here, particularly in June but we won’t complain about the great weather the past few days!

Dinner was shrimp barbequed with mango.  Dave managed to grab the lid of the BBQ rather than the handle and burned one finger to a crisp.  Margaret had a laser that is designed to stimulate healing.  She used it on his finger and sure enough the pain was greatly reduced.

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