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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Best Lamb Burger

Last night one of Dave's colleagues from work, who wanted a refresher on how to fly in and out of Canada, flew us to Nanaimo.  After a quick provisioning trip to the store, we headed out to anchor in the bay just outside the Marina.  Beautiful sunset!  Yes, we are only 100 yards from the marina.  But that distance is the difference between noise and peace.

Dinner was lamb chops with mint and lemon with rosemary garlic potatoes.  The lemon was from some preserved lemons Melissa made last fall in an attempt to keep them from going bad.  They marinated in the olive oil all winter long and were yummy!

This morning we had a heck of a time pulling up the anchor.  We feared having caught something - but no, it was just the mud here is so thick that we had to use Apasara's motor to pull out the anchor!

Then Melissa fried up some Bacon underway along with potatoes and mushrooms along side.  Oh, and don't forget the mimosas!

Along the way we saw a whale watching boat and were hoping to see whales.  Alas no whales, but still a spectacular day with calm seas and the mountains visible all around.

Then it was off to Bedwell Harbor.  Dinner at Poet's Cove resort.   Dave says it was the best lamb burger he has ever eaten.  He thinks maybe it was the goat cheese they used atop it.

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