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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Cheese & Wine Tour!

We headed over to Ganges Harbor.  A favorite as we love to rent a car and drive out to Salt Spring Island Cheese Factory to see the goats and the cheese being made in the factory.  Along the way we stopped a number of wineries including Salt Spring Vineyards and Mistaken Identity.  But our favorite was Salt Spring Island Ales and their Earl Grey IPA.

While wandering around Ganges, we saw this sign and it cracked us up.  At the time we were on the hunt for a new kitchen knife for the boat - as the old ones are now dull enough to be dangerous.  Ironically, while we were out buying a new knife, Dave was back on the boat sharpening the old ones.  Oh well.

Dinner that night at the Oystercatcher on shore.

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