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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea


Jim and Margaret drove up to Canada and took the ferry from Tsawwassen to Nanaimo.  Meanwhile, Dave and Melissa worked till 5pm and then headed up to Paine Field and then headed up in Spike.  Along the way we flew over the AAL Dalian and took pictures of Apsaras as she steamed for Nanaimo. 

We then landed at Nanaimo airport where we taxied for the customs holding area.  We phoned customs and gave them our info.  After a brief interview, “Welcome to Canada.”  We love Canadian customs.  They don’t feel the need to inspect every vessel inbound – particularly those that they have been in the system for years coming and going.

Jim and Margaret’s ferry docked a few minutes after we landed.  So they swung by and picked us up.  We were all starving so we drove into town and picked out a restaurant at random.  Four prime rib specials please.  It was the most tender prime rib any of us had ever eaten.  They slow cook it for 9 hours they said.  Yumo.  Then we headed to the hotel and checked in.  We were all asleep by 11pm.

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