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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Just a paperwork thing

Apsaras' clearance into Canada was only good for 6 months.  Since she cleared into Canada Sept 5, her clearance was up March 5.  So last night, Dave flew up to Nanaimo in Spike, so that this morning he could head out to the USA.  Since we got our Nexus cards, this meant he could sail across the boarder, call US Customs and get his clearance via phone.  Then turn the boat around, cross back into Canadian waters and call Canadian Customs and get his clearance back into Canada - thereby resetting the 6 month clock.  Yeah.  Kind of silly, I know.  But what you going to do?

Apsaras really needs a bottom cleaning.  Best she can do is 5 knots at 2500 RPM.  If her bottom were clean she would be doing 7 knots.

Dave spent the night at Bedwell Harbor.

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