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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Snow on the decks

Dave awoke this morning to snow covered decks.  Brrr....  Thank goodness he has fixed the heaters that warm up the interior of the boat while underway, or it would be downright miserable.  Back to Ladysmith Marina.

Dave was hoping to maybe fly home today and make this venture a two day deal.  Alas the weather is not cooperating, and Dave has to fly home Monday morning.  Come Monday he arrives at the boat to find it covered in snow and ice.  He tries to get the de-icing truck out to de-ice his plane, but they are worried about how much de-ice they have for the big jets and won't do it.  But they feel bad for him and the truck shows up anyway - about the time Dave has the snow brushed off the plane by hand.  As its now a sunny, but cold day, its actually a good day for a flight home.

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