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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 10 – Anchoring Lessons

We awoke to grey skies at the Silva Marina.  Jim whipped us up steak and eggs using leftovers from last night, along with peach yogurt parfaits with with chopped pistachios on top.

We made the short walk to the bus stop to catch the bus into “town”.  Very scenic island.  It was pouring rain when we got to the small village.  We explored the small grocery store and shops before heading back.

Today Jim is again learning more helmsman skills.  He back out of the dock again and steered us through the rapids on our way to Clam Bay.  Along the way we again had the homemade smoked salmon over toasted sourdough bread with garlic cheese spread and fresh basil.

As we approached Clam Bay, Melissa could hear thunder in the distance.  So Melissa and Margaret scrambled to put all the portable electronics gear (phones, laptops, etc) into faraday cadges to protect them just in case the mast gets hit with lightening.

When we reached the anchorage, Jim got instruction from Dave about how to do the maneuver while Melissa instructed Margaret on how to drop the anchor.  Jim backed it down to dig the anchor in and we were all set!

Once we couldn’t hear thunder anymore, Jim and Melissa grabbed the kayaks to explore the fish farms in the bay – which turned out not to be fish farms but oyster farms instead.  Then explored a half sunk 18’ foot skiff (which you can see in the upper left corner of this picture.  Looks to have been there a few months.

Meanwhile Dave was on deck inventing a new comfy way to hang out in the cockpit and put his feet up.

Melissa and Dave got into a discussion about whether the sprayer hose that was formerly connected to the fresh water supply on the boat was repairable.  It had broken off at both ends.  Melissa insisted it was not fixable, and MacGyver insisted it was.  This grin should tell you who ended up being right.

Meanwhile Jim worked on dinner.

Pork tenderloin with lemon and rosemary, delicata squash with fresh oregano, and spinach salad with chopped rosemary pecans.  Paired with a nice bottle of red wine.  Mmmmm.

Melissa was demoted to swab when she tried to vacuum up two spiders and missed one of them.  It ran and hid.  Dang it.  Those spiders are getting pretty fast at avoiding the vacuum cleaner!

We saw an otter swim by.  Dave asked if we were seeing otters in Clam Bay today, does that mean we will get clams at Otter Bay tomorrow?  And then we watched the moon rise over the calm bay and were happy as clams.  Movie tonight was “When Harry Met Sally”.

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