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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 14 – Crew says “We Got This”

Last night discussion ensued about how we were going to make our way out of the slip this morning.  Melissa told Dave that, “we got this” and “he shouldn’t say a word” while Melissa, Jim, and Margaret readied the boat for departure and Jim backed us out of the slip.  Dave seemed dubious, but Melissa was insistent!  So at 9am sharp, when the church bells at Roche Harbor began to ring, Dave says, “ok, I’m not supposed to participate so you guys better get moving!”  We disconnect the electrical cord (and remembered to turn off the fridge so the batteries wouldn’t get drained before starting the motor), but nearly tried to steal Roche Harbor’s electrical splitter as we assumed it was ours.  That’s an somewhat understandable oops because Dave was the one that rigged it yesterday.  Then we debate how we are going to remove the ropes.  Dave says, “well you should probably start the engine first before removing the dock lines”.  Oh right.  Yeah.  I’m sure that would have dawned on us.  We then discuss how Jim is going to maneuver out of the slip.  Melissa points out that since the dock slip is 100 feet long – we could just walk the boat back to the end of the dock at which point we will be clear of the boat next to us and reduce the risk of bumping it.  Melissa instructs Margaret to keep control of the bow if it starts to swing towards the other boat, but not to pull on the line.  She will pull from the stern because if you pull the bow line, the boat just rotates around.  Dave rolls his eyes as if to say, “that’s cheating!”.  But hey – it totally worked!  Jim maneuvered out of the slip perfectly after Melissa and Margaret hopped back aboard.

Then it was time to cook breakfast.  As we are near the end of the voyage, it’s a “kitchen sink” breakfast that used up nearly all the leftovers.  Melissa started by frying up the leftover bacon.  In the nice hot bacon grease, she then cooked up onions.  Then in went the remaining pork tenderloin, leftover veggies from last nights dinner at the

restaurant, the leftover rice, green onion, and the chopped bacon.  Once warmed, Melissa tosses in some eggs and coconut amino “soy” sauce.  And voila – pork fried rice!  Served it with the last of the homemade bloody marys.

After having been underway for the better part of the day, Melissa took some phone calls about job opportunities.  Seems she has landed herself a part time gig working on a SAAS company’s e-Commerce platform strategy.  She is super excited, so we all celebrated by opening the bottle of Apple Cider infused with rosemary and orange spice that we got at the farmer’s market on Ganges.  After which Melissa made some bacon wrapped dates drizzled with balsamic syrup.

Underway Dave whipped (aka repaired) a line.

And then because the sail repair kit was in his hands, and because Melissa has been threatening to toss his favorite boat shorts – the ones with the giant hole – Dave decides to “repair that too”.

The end result is one Dave is completely happy with.  But remember, he was happy with the hole.

We changed destinations because we were making good time.  We were planning on Port Ludlow, but at the last minute Dave decides on Kingston.  Jim did the anchoring maneuver again, and Margaret let down the anchor.  The evening was gorgeous watching the ferry come and go.

This afternoon, Melissa also baked garlic and dried some tomatoes in the oven - making the whole boat smell marvelous.  Jim then made this into a full chicken dinner.  After which we watched the sequel to National Treasure – Book of Secrets.

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