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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 1 - Must Remember Evergreens!

With Melissa’s allergies, flying is a pain.  There’s nothing she can eat on board the plane and even in the airport it’s a challenge.  A few days ago when she started thinking about what picnic to pack for us – and what she could and could not get through security with – a thought entered her head – order from Evergreens!  The new salad chain in Seattle.  Turns out they have breakfast in the one that’s at the airport.  So she pre ordered and paid for both breakfast and lunch for the two of us.  You just show up – go to the check out – avoiding the long line – and grab your stuff.  This plan would have been perfect had she scheduled it for a bit earlier – as we breezed through security and arrived early.  None the less, breakfast and lunch were yummy and healthy.  Of course this gave Dave the perfect excuse to order a mimosa before we even left Seattle!

Our plane was late departing Seattle.  Seems the airport was so busy that they couldn’t find a slot to move our plan across the active runways from the hanger to the gate.  And then the catering truck was late.  So we were 2 hours late departing.  And now Melissa is doubly glad to have food she can eat as by the time we reached the condo it was 12 hours since leaving home.

We had planned for Uncle Bob and his wife Joyce – who flew here from Las Vegas – to hang out at the Puerto Vallarta Marina – which is right next to the airport till we rented the car.  They were supposed to land a couple of hours ahead of us and we had figured that by the time they found their way to the bus that they could have just waited for us.  But now with our delay – they headed straight to Punta de Mita ahead of us.  They are hearty travelers so the local bus was no trouble for them.  Its not for the faint of heart though – they call the local buses “chicken buses” for a reason.  They are often packed to the gills and the drivers drive like mad men.

Once we got the rental car, we made a quick stop at the grocery store for a few supplies.  Bob and Joyce were asleep when we got here.  So we unpacked and hung out on the veranda overlooking the ocean looking up at the stars and having a glass of wine.  Ahhhh….

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