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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 10 – Whole lotta nothing

Breakfast at the condo.  Then some video games and Dave flew his copter.  Melissa went for a massage and pedicure.  Then dinner at Tuna Blanca.  Ok, we don’t know why, but every single night out the restaurant has put us at the best table on the beach with a view of the sunset.  We speculated as to why this is.  Maybe because we have grey hair and people figure we are good tippers?  Because we dress up?  Because we arrive early and they know they can turn the table again?  Whatever the reason, we sure enjoyed the sunsets!

As we were sitting at Tuna Blanca there on the beach the usual Mexican vendors came by to try and sell us trinkets, blankets, jewelry, and cigars.  We never bite.  That is till a guy came by with a funny T-Shirt that made Melissa laugh.  She decides to buy it.  The vendor says 700 pesos ($35 USD).  Dave says "200 pesos" ($10 USD).  The vendor shakes his head, no "$500 pesos lowest".  Melissa laughs and hands him back the shirt.  The vendor wanders off.  Under his breath Dave whispers, "one one-thousand, two one-thousand, three one-thousand".  Melissa cracks up.  Sure enough not a minute later he is back and willing to take 250 pesos.  Sold!

Mmmmm.  Short rib and mashed potatoes!

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