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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 3 - How Much Fish Can We Eat?

As Uncle Bob wanted to have a big shrimp feed, we headed back to the fish market in La Cruz.  When we got there, the tuna truck had just pulled up.  Wow are they big!

So we decided in addition to the shrimp we needed Tuna for sushi.  We bought 4 lbs of shrimp and 2 lbs of fresh tuna – for a total of $40 US.  Crazy cheap down here.

When we got back to Punta Mita, Melissa and Joyce went shopping.  Joyce was looking for a new dress. But most of the shops here in Punta Mita are US prices.  We would discover why the next day.  Meanwhile though we enjoyed wandering in and out of the shops.  One shop was quite cleverly made from two truck containers.  One with a big glass window that was visible when the container doors were opened.  It was super cheap to build, but very classy and cleverly done.

Melissa then made Sushi as a snack.

Meanwhile, Bob and Joyce wanted to watch the Minnesota Vikings play Green Bay.  Alas, many of the regular viewing channels we use – Comcast and Prime don’t work down here due to licensing rights outside of the US.  Melissa struggled with getting this to work earlier this morning.  She tried various things – including pulling out her work laptop and VPNing back to the US.  This made Prime work, so when it was game time she tried to find the game on Prime.  Alas they didn’t have it.  And in the end she just bought a NFL International membership for a week so we could watch the game.  Their website allowed you to “watch delayed” so despite messing about with this for a while, we got to watch the game from the beginning.

While the gang was watching, Melissa cooked the Mahi Mahi for dinner by baking it in the oven very briefly, and then made a cucumber salad and a big green salad with honey mustard dressing.  This right here is why Melissa always brings a good chef knife when we travel (including this trip).  Its the difference between cooking being fun and downright frustrating!

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