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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 4 - How Much For a Burger?

Still on the hunt for a dress, Melissa and Joyce head back out to shop.  Again they saw very little that fit Joyce and that wasn’t crazy expensive.  Except for a little shop right underneath our condo.  They had hand painted dresses that were gorgeous.  Melissa bought a dress too.  We should have taken a picture!

Then we headed over the Four Seasons hotel here in Punta Mita.  When we drove up to the gate, they wouldn’t let us in until security could call down to the hotel and verify it was ok to let us in so we could come to the bar and have a drink.  We waited about 10 minutes before the restaurant called back and verified they could fit us in.  Once on the property, we made a wrong turn and realized this was the land of security gates.  Every few feet was the entrance to a different section of condos/houses which had its own gate and security guards.  The hotel then had another security gate – though this time they let us right through because the restaurant had called ahead and told them we would be coming through.

The Four Seasons is quite a place.  Its not “Mexico” to us – but instead an Americanized hotel with all trace of Mexico nearly erased and replaced with fancy.  We chatted with the restaurant waiter – who was very funny and spoke flawless English.  He commented at the end that it was nice that we came because “guests don’t usually talk to him here”.  Says a lot about the type of people who choose to come here.  Cheapest room available at the time was a 2 bedroom suite for $2000 per night.

Despite the $25 price tag, Dave had a hamburger.  Joyce and I split the ceviche, and Bob had the tortilla soup.  That and a few beers and glasses of wine, and the bill came to $160 US.  You would think we were back in the States.  Dave said the hamburger was yummy though.  And its Christmas – so who cares anyway?

We got all dolled up for Christmas Eve dinner at Restaurant Mercedes.  Dinner there was as lovely as we could have hoped for.  We had steaks that were juicy and tender.

They have a dish called “Tuna Rock”.  Apparently, they bring you a very hot rock on which you cook your own food.  Might have to come back and give that a try.

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