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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Birthday Dinner in Mexico


Its been pouring down rain here in Punta De Mita all day.  That's ok though because we love the sound of the tropical rain.  Did make it so that we didn't want to walk far for dinner, so we decided on Tuna Blanca - the "fancy" beach restaurant that is right across the street.  We ordered the drink special - a mix of pineapple juice and mescal.  Who doesn't love a drink that comes to your table flaming!

Dave ordered the hamburger (yeah, big surprise there!) and Melissa ordered the ceviche and short rib.  Yumo.


Melissa made a big mistake though.  She told the hostess it was her birthday.  That meant we got a giant surf board - covered in candy and chocolate - along with fireworks delivered to our table.  And singing waiters.  Only in Mexico!

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