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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Erica Arrives!

We picked Erica up at the airport this afternoon.  She was hot and tired but happy to be here!

As soon as we got back to the condo, it was margherita time!  In what has become an almost daily ritual, Dave squeezes a pile of little limes and makes up his margherita mix – with tequila and orange liquor.  He then freezes this all down so that when happy hour rolls around all he has to do is blend it up smooth.  We had plenty prepped for Erica’s arrival!

Melissa wanted to go buy some flowers for the condo.  So Melissa and Erica head out in the rental car across town.  Only the second time Melissa has driven here.  And its always a bit of a defensive driving challenge.  In the 8 blocks we drove across town to the florist, two cars tried to hit us.  Then we turned the wrong way down the street ending up at a dead end.  We had to back all the way back down the street.  You would think that someone in all the market stalls we passed might have tried to indicate this was a dead end.  One guy waved us into a parking lot and we headed over to the florist shop.

We got there just in time to see a truck full of flowers being unloaded.  And wouldn't you know - neither of us brought our phone to take pictures!  We bought some flowers and headed back to the car.  Along the way we stopped into a tequila tasting place and had a few sips.  We grabbed some coffee flavored tequila for mixing with ice and some freshly ground coffee.  We hopped back in the car and drove out of the parking lot.  At which point a crazy old lady started pounding on our car – startling us.  Apparently you have to pay to park here – despite no sign saying this.  The old lady had mistaken us for someone that had been parked all day and hence thought we owned quite a bit.  A guy (likely her son) came over and explained that we actually owed $20 pesos (a US dollar).  We would have been happy to pay, but Melissa only had $15 pesos in change – which the guy happily accepted.

By the time we got back, Dave was like “what happened to you two?!?”.  Just another Erica and Melissa adventure!

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