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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

I can get gluten free pasta here?

So when we packed up for this trip - knowing we might be here several months - Melissa packed lots of food.  Probably 50 lbs worth - gluten free flour, pasta, chips.  All the stuff that she misses down here because you can't get those foods in the grocery stores here the way you can back home.  In doing some research before we left, Melissa did find a health food store of sorts here in Punta De Mita.  We had somehow never gone in there during our several previous visits.  But turns out its only a block from our condo complex.  So we gave it a try.  And low and behold - they carry lots of foods Melissa can eat!  And like premium meats!  And great wine at reasonable prices!  Oh boy, what a find!! Likely its here because of the very expensive and exclusive hotels and houses on the point here.  We've never seen anything like it before in Mexico.  So now we are getting in the habit of walking down every day to pick out dinner!

Tonight's menu - rack of lamb, tzatziki, quinoa, and a cucumber and tomato salad.  Yumo!

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