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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Jellyfish! Zillions of em.

We awake to a dead calm morning.  We pulled up anchor and headed for the Clearwater public dock to fill up with water.  While there, we were fascinated by the thousands of jelly fish surrounding the dock.

While underway, Jim and Melissa cooked up a hash of sweet potatoes with lobster mushrooms, and an apple chicken sausage.  Over the top a poached duck egg with hollandaise.  Served with mimosas of course!  Fabulous!  Jim and Melissa have it down to a science working side by side in the “one man kitchen”.


We had planned to head for Blake Island, but underway we got word that our refinances were ready for signature.  So we headed to Gig Harbor instead where a mobile notary would meet us.  Underway, Melissa blogged all the trip days thus far.  We set down anchor and enjoyed the sights in the tiny harbor. 

Melissa fixed Shishido peppers with sea salt that we served with a pear cider.

Jim fixed us a dish of chicken with grilled pineapple and wild rice.

After dinner, Melissa and Dave headed ashore to sign the refinance paperwork.  But first had to blow up the dingy.  Gotta find that slow leak!  We went and sat at a Mexican restaurant to sign the papers and ordered margaritas and wine.  Why not?!

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