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Very expensive lesson learned

Today we packed up and moved units.  We left Punta De Mita for Bucerias.  Three hours of packing up the car – which was packed to the gills!

And then unpacking it again.  The unit is smaller than the one we had in Mita, but more nicely furnished.  We would eventually realize that being on the beach in Bucerias, while gorgeous, is actually too loud.  The surf pounds and pounds here – to the point where it shakes the building and would sometimes wake us up!  The dog barking also drove Dave bananas here.  Though for reasons not clear, the rooster crowing at the crack of dawn did not.

Over the past week, while hanging out in Punta De Mita, Melissa’s friend Erica gave us a call.  She and her hubby, Lee, have been thinking about buying a retirement home in Mexico.  Erica wants to know if we would host her for a few days down here and help her look at properties.  Of course!  We’ve never looked at properties down here and that sounds like fun!  So we contact a friend that we know has real estate here to find a good agent to work with.  Figuring we would pre-scout before Erica arrived, we choose a few Punta De Mita properties to go look at.  So we went house hunting this afternoon.  Yeah.  Big mistake.  Very expensive mistake!

Next day we made an offer!  Fortunately on a place that wouldn’t have been suitable for Erica as her three big dogs wouldn’t have been accepted by the HOA.



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