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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

We manage not to screw up the spinnaker!

We had arranged for our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box this week from Hitchcock’s to be delivered to Jim and Margaret’s daughter’s place on Bainbridge Island.  Yeah, we need more food like a fish in the ocean needs more water.  But its such great stuff they send!  Jennifer is also a Hitchcock’s CSA box member so easy to swing by her place and grab her mooring buoy.  We decide to head ashore with lunch – Jim’s famous burgers!

Jim cooked up lunch while Margaret and Melissa headed into Winslow.  Lunch was burgers with all the fixin’s plus purple potato fries, and a pasta salad.  And wine.  Jennifer has the most amazing kitchen!  We can see the boat out the windows.

At that point we decide Jennifer needs to go for a sail!  We’ve not put up the spinnaker since Panama when Jim and Melissa managed to muck it up.  Jennifer can’t resist the idea that we might screw it up again.  So we pile back on the boat and head upwind.

With Dave reminding us all along the way what we need to do, Melissa and Jim manage to get the spinnaker rigged up.




And then a puff of wind and Whoosh!  And now we sail downwind with no apparent wind - so its quiet and lovely!


In all too short a time, it was time to pull the spinnaker back down.  Also not trivial.

After we dropped off Jennifer she took a great shot of us after we got the spinnaker back up and headed off to Oyster Bay.

As we had found some oysters in town earlier in the day, we shucked a few for dinner as we were still full from lunch!

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