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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

A last trip across the lake

With the new boat (http://seastar7.com/), the time has finally come to sell Apsaras.  Today was the day Dave and Jim took her from her home slip at Carillon Point over to the boat broker dock on Lake Union.  As one might hope, the trip was not all together uneventful.  Apsaras gave them some small challenges and a little adventure.  Not just the obvious navigating around wood fired floating hot tubs piloted by drunk novices, and keeping clear of landing float planes, but also a little last heroic action.

Their first job was to replace the radar unit.  Dave rigged the safety lines, while Jim assembled the tools and replacement radar unit.  Unfortunately, after searching the entire boat, the bosun chair was nowhere to be found. The guys concluded that Vic (boat broker) must have removed it though he later said he did not.  So its a mystery where the bosun chair ended up.  But in any case, the new radar is now his problem to arrange for a mechanic.

Next weekend is Opening Day of Boating Season. As Apsaras entered the Montlake Cut, Captain Dave sounded the one long – one short, and the bridge tender responded in kind. So as Dave idled ahead they were entertained by several groups of students scraping moss and old paint, and rolling on new paint for the 2022 crew graffiti. They had to hang from the railing on ropes steading themselves by their bare feet. Watching them bend to scrape and paint was fun. The one group on the south side waved and shouted to us, asking if we had an extra rope. Jim initially apologized and declined. But Captain Dave searched the rope locker and found one. Wow were they excited. Cheers and smiles. Captain Dave nudged the bow toward the wall (all the while the bridge was opening). Alas, Jim tried to throw it over their heads. Splash! Two of them had already climbed over the rail and one was able to hang and grab the rope by her foot. Yay!

You’ve never seen such cheering and constant thank-yous.  They boys felt great as they sailed west (no proverbial sunset – it was noon) with a dozen young, fit, attractive women cheering us. Our pleasure mam. Who were those un-masked men?  Judging from the number of cell phones pointed our way, you might find pictures after all on social media. Unfortunately it will undoubtedly be a movie of the rope throw.

Upon reaching Lake Union, Vic had arranged a back-in starboard tie at his moorage. His associate met us at the dock to assist and “direct”.  They were next to a large boat and docking with a wind blowing away from the dock. Apparently Captain Dave has already gotten all too used to Sea Star 7's bow thrusters as it took him three tries to back into the slip because he kept blowing off.  Jim swears if Melissa had been present to man the ropes it would have taken one try, or two at the very most. 

I believe the question of whether the first mate is being demoted to swab is still under consideration.

The guys Ubered back to Carillon Point for the cars.  Then a celebratory lunch at Le Grand Bistro Américain.  Oysters on the half shell and a croque monsieur sandwich. A well fed crew is a happy crew!

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