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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Apsaras Sold

Well, it took a year longer than it should have.  But Apsaras finally sold.  We were so unimpressed with the boat broker.  At the last minute, the buyer tried to back out of the deal.  The boat broker had not had him sign extensions or anything as the deal progressed and we agreed to fix things from the survey.  So it cost us $2500 more just because the broker didn't do his job.  So not impressed.  And the closing agent - a disaster.  When we bought Sea Star 7, she falsified our signature on documents to the USCG that we told her were incorrect.  Forcing Melissa to have to refile address change documents with the USCG herself.  And on the Apsaras deal, she sent a closing statement that was completely incorrect.  Most of the numbers on the page are wrong.  Incredible.

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