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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 10 - Back In the USA


Dave decided that we should leave before low tide. Something about measuring the depth on the stern and determing that there would be only a foot clearance at low tide made him not want to sleep in. Dave rose and cast off a couple hours before low tide heading for Roche Harbor where we would become welcome to the United States again. We tie up at Roche to clear customs to find out that we have brought back black listed tomatoes. After searching the boat for more contraband CBD leaves with our tomatoes. We ask if we can stay to go replace the tomatoes and they comply directing us to back up with the end of the dock. Melissa goes up the dock to buy replacement tomatoes and returns with a bunch with exactly the same Canadian sticker. Sheesh. Off we go meet up with friends at Jones Island. We get there before noon but missed the last mooring buoy by minutes. Dave is sure he could have got it but a 10 knot wake from a 15 ton boat would not have been appreciated by others. We meet up with our friends on their Gemini 36 and they raft onto us for the night. OK - cats and dogs - powerboats tied to sailboats - what is next? Remember that Dave and Melissa have chartered more sailboats than power so they are what you might call switch hitters.

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