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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 2 - Spa Day

Melissa goes and gets the last of the provisioning. Cannot forget Anacortes hamburgers and steaks. The best in the world. Melissa arrives with the catch and Dave is already throwing off the lines to get going. Today's goal is Poet's Cove just about a four hour cruise from Anacortes and where we will clear customs into Canada. The crossing is smooth except that we have brought blue berries. They are on the list of contraband. The nice lady on the phone said we needed to eat them up real fast. OK. Welcome to Canada. Gotta love it. OK - done with clearing. Off we go and find a buoy for the night. No buoys but a good place to anchor for the night. The goal is to not dock for the entire trip.

Spa day went off as planned. At about 5:00 Dave dropped Melissa off for her appointments. A well relaxed and pampered Melissa called for her ride back to the boat around 7:30.

Weather: Mostly sunny after morning mist, winds light

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