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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 3 - Fix the Faucet

MELISSA broke the faucet yesterday. Something about not even tugging at the faucet but it "broke right off in her hand" story. Yeah, right. Anyway, Ganges has a great hardware store just up the way. We discovered this last time when we had to fix a fan or coat hook as it was were. A quick 2 hour cruise up to Ganges yielded a completely packed harbor. Holy cow - boats everywhere. And it started to blow about 15-20. We saw two boats drag and have to get rescued. We get anchored nice and neat amongst a bunch of boats. This time not hitting us.

Off to the hardware store Dave goes. Melissa goes and searches out a sweatshirt for Dave. This time he remembered his sunglasses but brought nothing warm to wear. And it is not even the 4th of July. In Seattle. What was he thinking? Melissa finds a perfect shirt and Dave finds a perfect faucet. Back to the boat we go but not before having lunch on the wharf.

Back on the boat Dave puts in the new faucet. Only a one-beer job as everything went pretty smooth.

From out of nowhere comes a giant 20 foot inflatable dingy.  Coming in close.  One young guy aboard along with a couple of "boat babes" in bikinis.  Turns out the guy owns the company that makes the boat we have chartered.  This is "hull number 5".  Guy knows a sucker when he sees one and puts the hard sell on Dave.  Here they have moved that cabinet you keep banging your head on in the kitchen back three inches, bla, bla, bla.

Dinner was Dave's favorite -hamburgers.  Mmmm.

Weather - partly sunny, 15 mph wind from the south

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