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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 4 - In Search of Fly

Off we go to Garden Bay across the straights. This is going to be a long day (9 hours) and Dave decides to get going early. Apparently, Melissa is perfectly happy to sleep while he motors. We exited through Active Pass - the main pass for the Gulf Islands. The current was with us at about 2-3 knots peak. That makes the trip go faster. Once out in the Straights, the seas were a bit confused. The wind had shifted from the north to the south but the waves had not, yet. They were only about 2 feet so really was not uncomfortable. Later in the day, the waves finally backed around and we had a nice, following sea all the way to Pender Harbor.

Along the way Melissa baked blueberry muffins.  (Now we won't be arrested for blueberry smuggling. Whew!)

Once inside the harbor, we tried anchoring in Garden Bay. After two attempts, the anchor did not bite. Remembering the dreadful experience a couple years before, Dave was not happy until that anchor dug in. So, we left and went around to a totally isolated bay next door. After successfully digging in for the night in about 20 feet of water, a local powered out to let us know there was a water main going across where we anchored. Sigh - better pull it up and move. Guess what Dave caught when he pulled up anchor? The 2 inch water main came up with the anchor. No apparent damage done. We moved over a couple hundred feet but there we only found rock so the anchor did not bite. Great. Back to Garden Bay we go and finally got the hook set for the night.

After dinner we went up to see what was going on at the pub. We sat outside where the music was not too loud and enjoyed a couple drinks and a great plate of nachos. We enquired about Fly - the odd character we met a couple years ago - but the waitress did not know where he was working for sure. Maybe the marina across the bay. After seeing enough of the local scene we went back to the boat for a peaceful night on the hook. 

Weather: partly to mostly sunny. Winds were 10-15 outside, light in the bay.

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