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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 6 - Summer begins July 5

Dave closed all of the curtains in the cabin to make it a "cave" so we would sleep in. Dave got up at about 10:00 and made coffee. As usual in the Pacific Northwest, the day after the Fourth begins absolutely gorgeous. Dave sits on top enjoying the quiet and his coffee while his bride sleeps in to about 11:00. Breakfast was eggs ben with homemade hollandaise sauce. Yum.

This is a lay-day and apparently the plan is to motor the dinghy up and down the bay and count the waterfalls. 20 is the determination.

Melissa decided to make an oilve, sundried tomato, feta cheese bread. Dinner is steaks with tomatos stuffed with couscous and feta cheese. Mmmm.

Weather: Sunny and warm. Almost (as in not quite) good enough for swimming.

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