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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 8 - Racing for Dodd’s Narrows


Across the Straights we go again. The water was a bit stirred up from an earlier high-wind warning but perfectly comfortable. Waves were less than 2 feet but a bit confused. We were headed for Dodd Narrows near Nanaimo with a goal to hit it about slack. As planned, the passage was absolutely calm - only about a half a knot current was detected. Down to Telegraph Harbor - port of slime. A weird brown foaming stuff forms on the water down here. In this bay, it was everywhere. Gross even. Anyway, we motor up the bay to anchor easily enough. The hard part was going and finding some eggs and beer. Apparently these cannot be purchased on credit and we need to go back to the boat to get cash. Sigh. The bay had little to recommend itself. The cruise in the dinghy through the "cut" was entertaining but there is little to do in this bay. Probably not on the repeat list.

Breakfast was a sausage and egg scramble with fresh tomatoes.  Mmmm.

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