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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 9 - Go South Somewhere

Dave has never gone through the west side of the Gulf Islands. Over to the government docks at Chamainus on the "Big Island" we went in search of water. Dave finally realized that we might need to get water before returning after all. It would be close but if we could find some convenient water, it was worth the stop. Dave had already approached two marinas in Telegraph enquiring if we purchased fuel could we fill the water tanks. Both rejected the notion so off we went to the government dock where we could get it for free. Chamainus is a cute little town - next time we will stay longer. Melissa did a little grocery shopping and after Dave filled the water tanks we slipped off for the next port. We poked our nose in Genoa Bay but did not like what we saw. Too exposed to the south wind we were experiencing. So we headed further south to Portland Island. A fabulous spot. We anchored stern to and took the dinghy all the way around the island. It is a great hiking spot.

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