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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

A new boat name?

Today was a chore day.  Dave went next door and worked on Cat (yes that's really the name of the boat).  Their SSB radio wasn't working right - preventing them from getting weather updates at sea.  Turns out their cable wasn't plugged into the SSB modem.  That and a few other troubleshooting steps and Voila!  Meanwhile, Melissa went over to Saltydog and cleaned their plastic windshield windows with her stratoglass cleaner and polish.  They were amazed at the difference.  They thought they had to replace the windshield.  So they figure Melissa just saved them $1000.  But no, just needed the right kind of cleaning.  She then showed them the industrial size magic eraser that will clean scuffs off the hull.  And the stainless steel cleaner that took the water stains off their bow.  They seem to think she is a research queen for knowing about all this stuff.  Joan says that we should rename our boat "We Help".

We then played Mexican train dominoes and ate some chili for dinner.  The game was a tie between Steve and Melissa.

This is Vivi.  Vivi is the dog aboard Saltydog.  She is a standard poodle.  We've never really interacted with a poodle before.  She is a total sweetheart.  She comes aboard Apsaras and hangs out with us in the evenings.  We are threatening to steal her when Saltydog takes off in a few days headed for Panama.


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