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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Argovia - Bye Bye

We awoke this morning to discover that we had no water in our cabin.  Turns out that the rain storm last night caused a tree to come down and take out some water pipes - probably when the tree roots came up.  We later learned that a number of people who were supposed to arrive at the hotel yesterday canceled because of the rain.  Something about being afraid to drive up into the jungle in the rain.  We scoffed at this until we got on the bus to ride back to the marina and found that the bus was swerving to avoid multiple downed trees and minor mud slides.  Yikes - it really rained hard!

When we went to check out - it took an hour to get the bill right and paid for.  First there were several things missing from the bill - a bottle of wine that we hadn't yet been charged for, and they hadn't yet tallied what we had taken from the mini-fridge.  Both understandable.  But the spa bill had an extra massage that needed to be removed.  So after Melissa reviewed all the charges, and every single ticket that supported all the charges we were finally ready to pay the bill.  Both Capital One credit cards and the Bank of America card didn't work.  Hmmm.  The hotel tells us that sometimes the card terminal in the office doesn't work - so they run over to the restaurant to try theirs.  Same result.  After 15 minutes of messing about with it - Melissa's cell phone rings - its Capital One fraud department.  Despite the travel alert on the card, they've rejected the charges - probably because we are so close to the Guatemala border.  Sigh.  So she tells them to approve it.  They try, but the hotel still can't successfully put the charge through.  Another 15 minutes of messing about and the hotel decides to try the terminal in the restaurant again, and Voila!  Turns out the terminal in the main lobby - the clock is wrong.  Doubtless all the bank computers won't talk to a terminal with a wrong date and time.  So at least the hotel now knows why that terminal is not working.  So only an hour after Melissa sat down to pay the bill, we are on the bus headed for the marina.

We get back on the boat.  Yes, its hotter here, but at least its bug free.

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