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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea


Dave lost his false tooth again on the trip here.  This will be the third time he's had to have it put back in during the past 6 months.  So when we arrived, we asked for a recommendation on a dentist.  We tried to call for an appointment, but the receptionist didn't speak English.  So last Friday we headed into town to try and find the office.  It was closed but we found an email which using google translate to Spanish, we tried make an appointment.  Alas, another trip to the marina office was in order as we finally had to break down and ask them to make the appointment for us.

Dave showed up for a 7:30pm appointment.  The dentist office was well organized and the dentist seemed competent.  They glued the tooth back in and charged him $30 US Dollars.

We later learned from the marina manager that National Geographic published an article on medical travel that said the best country in the world to have dentistry and Lasik eye surgery - is Mexico.  Not because its so cheap (though that was a factor) but because the quality is among the best in the world.  Go figure.

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