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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Did you check the weather again?

Ok, Melissa is still threatening to get off the boat and take a bus to Chiapas to avoid being on the boat crossing through the dreaded Tehuantepec.  Dave swears the weather forecast looks good.

We spent the day provisioning the boat and checking all the boat systems to make sure we were ready to go.  Saltydog had noticed that they were leaking a bit of what they thought was diesel fuel.  So MacGyver took a look.  Turned out the guys that changed the oil didn't clean up after an oil leak from a loose oil filter.  So no real issue.  But while looking at the engine he found the alternator belt was loose, so he fixed that.  So all systems are a go!

We went to the restaurant at the marina and had another great dinner there before we hit the sack because we need to make an early start in the morning.

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