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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 13 – Medic!


We decided on the last day we wanted to cruise about.  So we started out in the morning for SuciaIsland.  Sucia is not technically part of the San Juan Islands.  Geologically it is part of the Bellingham area.  There are amazing sand stone formations there.  Along the way we heard a radio call to the Coast Guard from a boat in Sucia harbor.  Apparently there was some whacko in a sailboat running about swearing and threatening.  Hmmm.  Are we sure we want to go to Sucia?  Full steam ahead, we pulled into the harbor.  After sightseeing, we took the dingy over to the boat that reported the trouble.  Sounds like it was a real nut case.  But fortunately the guy took off when he heard the call for help to the Coast Guard.  The guy we spoke with said he felt totally alone and wished he had a gun.  Scary.

When we got to Sucia, Ori went to let down the dingy so we could tour.  The hose to refill the water tank lives in the dingy.  Ori tossed it onto the boat deck, but alas, it decided it wanted to live at the bottom of Sucia harbor and abandoned ship.  No amount of searching and attempts to hook it with the anchor were to avail.  The hose now lives permanently among the fishes.  Dave says it probably is in good company along with 1000 other things lost overboard on various boats over the years.  (Fortunately, when we returned, the fleet captain informed us that he had classified this particular hose as “junk” so we were off the hook.

Then we cruised to Spencer Spit.  Dave and Ori spent the afternoon speculating on the various goings on in the harbor.  They were intent on snagging a mooring buoy that was supposed to be vacated in a few hours.  There were imagined take over attempts, and many a babe to be checked out.  When the departing boat finally left 4 hours later, there was an elderly couple cruising into the harbor and the boys gallantly gave up “their” buoy as we had been happily at anchor for some time.

We then felt the need to check out the rabbits on shore.  The rabbits apparently dig holes.  About the time Ori managed to get “watch out for the holes” out of his mouth, Dave managed to step squarely in one, and severely sprained his ankle.  Rolling in the ground in agony, the crew quickly realized that for once, he wasn’t kidding them.  Ori and Ravital raced back to the boat to get some ice, while Melissa stayed with Dave.  After a few minutes of ice, Dave hobbled back aboard the dingy (and insisted on driving it back to the boat).  We got him settled and called Melissa’s brother, Kelly, a paramedic.  He walked us through the basics of first aid and determined that it probably wasn’t broken, but badly sprained.  Dave (of course) insisted on staying the last night at anchor.  So we kept him warm (he was shivering cold – apparently a reaction to all the adrenalin), fed him hot dogs, and bloody mary’s.

For breakfast we had yogurt and nuts again.  For lunch we had avocado with egg salad.  For snacks we had shrimp with fresh pesto.  For dinner we had hot dogs and the last bottle of Champaign.

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