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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 14 – Home again, home again, giggedy gig.

For breakfast we had puff pastry stuffed with hard boiled eggs and feta cheese (about all that was left in the fridge at this point).  But it was fabulous.  We decided to call it sprained ankle.

Melissa spent the morning trying to get Dave an appointment with an orthopedic specialist who wasn’t on vacation and who had an opening later this afternoon.  Then spent the rest of the morning convincing his primary care physician that an insurance referral was warranted.  Nothing infuriates Melissa more than this process.  However, there was success at last and an appointment was obtained for 3pm.

At this point the crew kicked it into gear getting everything ready for our return.  Dave decided that he should have started ordering everyone about sooner.  Run that line!  Stow that gear!  J

We made it back into Anacortes about 11am.  Refueled, followed by a quick check in.  The fleet captain readily agreed the boat had been returned in better condition than it went out in.  After driving home we went to the doctor, and Dave was told he had to wear cast for 3 weeks followed by a few weeks of physical therapy.  But since he came in with a “fresh” sprain – the doctor is sure he will heal much faster than if he hadn’t come in for a few weeks.  (Apparently a common phenomenon.)

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