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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 8 – Friends join us



 We left PenderHarbor this morning and crossed the channel again.  Even though there was a small craft advisory in effect it was smooth going.  Seas not over 1 ft.

We got to French Creek harbor where Ori and Ravital were meeting us.  We had planned to meet in Nanaimo, but there was some festival there and the place was a zoo.  So we restocked supplies at French Creek.  Dave took Melissa in the skiff 2 miles down the beach and she walked up the hill to the grocery store. Then tromped back carrying a week’s worth of fresh supplies.  The weight wasn’t so bad, but the bags nearly cut off the circulation in her hands.  Ouch.  Dave had to carry her back to the skiff from the beach so her shoes didn’t get wet.  He is a chivalrous type at heart.

We had Margaritas waiting for Ori and Ravital when they got aboard.  As soon as they got on board we took off for Schooner Cove Marina where we are spending the night.  We are eating ourselves silly.  We had crab, artichoke, and brie spread on toasted baguettes.  Followed that up with a sparking wine and cheese course.  For dinner we are having grilled shrimp with mango and avocado salad.  Yum.

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