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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 9 – Lookout for those sly seals


We traveled today to Montague harbor.  On our way there we saw an outcropping of rocks that had tons of seals.  So we made Dave stop and hang out while the rest of us took the dingy to check it out.  There were tons of seals including Mom’s with baby seals that were especially cute.

Melissa discovered that she really should not have hauled all those groceries.  Her shoulders are killing her.  They are tender to the touch.  Amazing how we can injure our muscles and not even know it at the time.

For breakfast we had artichoke, pepper jack cheese, egg squares baked in the oven.  Lunch was yogurt, peaches, and cinnamon nuts.  We had hamburgers for dinner with grilled asparagus.  That made the guys happy.  After dinner we watched Dangerous Beauty.

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