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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Giant octopus treatment

We awoke early and went for eggs benedict again down on Queen Street. Then Dave took a cab to work from there. Melissa meanwhile went and picked up her custom made earrings from the jeweler, spent the gift certificate the store gave her a few days ago when she bought the store out, and then went and had her eyelashes dyed. No mascara needed for 5 weeks so they say. She had to buy another duffle bag to pack all the stuff she bought.

Then Melissa took a cab to South Bank to check out the market. Lots and lots of shops and wares from the far east as well as local Australian makers. Bought a few trinkets for Christmas and birthday presents for the kids back home.

On the way there, her cabby was from Yugoslavia. He told Melissa he picked up another fare from Seattle that morning and took him to "Zetonics". "Zetron?" Melissa asked. Yes. That was Dave! But the cabby said he picked up the fare from a different hotel. He obviously thought Dave was into some sort of hanky panky. The cabby was quite the character. He talked about his 3rd wife who he had to divorce because she had a "mental illness".

Later that night Dave told Melissa that he had another great cab driver story to tell her. "oh, did you like your Yugoslavian cabbie", Melissa asked. Dave was racking his brain trying to remember if he had already told her about the cab ride that morning. He was amazed that in a city with 1000 cab drivers the same one happened to pick up Melissa that same day!

On the South Bank Melissa had an ancient Chinese treatment called "cupping". They use a jar heated to create a vacuum and put it on your back to relax the muscles. It gave Dave quite a start later that night because the areas bruise a bit. Looked like Melissa was attacked by a giant octopus.

We had dinner with Kevin and Michele and saw their 100 year old "Queenslander" house. The wood floors and detailing were beautiful!


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