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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

You can't fool Mother Nature

Before we left the island, we decided we would walk all the way around it once. When we got to the pier, a batch of baby turtles had hatched. Baby turtles are supposed to hatch at night. That way they can head for the lightest place on the horizon, which is always over the water. If they hatch in the full daylight, they get confused and start running off in all directions instead of heading for the sea. Hence there were baby turtles running all over. The tourists were there to save them and everyone started running about looking for them and carrying them down to the water. Mother nature, not to be fooled, must have decided these confused baby turtles shouldn't live to reproduce, so the seagulls promptly started picking them out of the water and having them for lunch. The tourists taking offence to this then jumped in the water and tried to wave off the seagulls. No such luck. Mother Nature wins again.

Further around the island we ran into Stumpy again on the beach. Seems to be a happy seagull, and isn't afraid of humans.

Tonight we head back for Brisbane and then home tomorrow!

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