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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Anyone need salt?

Slept like babies for 11 hours last night. Ahhhh. Went to see the salt flats after a breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, onion and mushrooms. Looks like the salt flats are formed when sea water fills pits from underneath and then is evaporated by the sun. The salt is amazingly pure.

Then we walked to the other side of the island. We found crab, a baby star fish (we saved him by putting him back in a tide pool), as well as huge chunks of coral. Would love to take one home, but alas, they are too big to fit in the suitcase. We did find a 100% intact sea anemone shell. Amazing.

We then headed further north. We went by a little island where there is the only permanent settlement in the islands of the Sea of Cortes. It was grandfathered in when the Mexican government turned this whole area into a preserve.

Further on we saw a zillion porpoises jumping in the distance. We couldn't catch up to them though because the boat doesn't go very fast. We saw manta rays jumping too.

We finally got through to Curt today on the boat's cell phone. He is home alone for the week. He seemed puzzled that we called. Teenagers, sheesh. Said there was a hail storm today as he was walking from the car to school. Guess we shouldn't tell him about the kids in the bay on the knee board, huh?

We saw a helicopter landing on the fan tail of a big yaught. We figured they were headed to mazitlan for lunch or something.

At the anchorage, on the mainland they make salt, and fish. They had just brought in the catch when we got here - mostly these weird big red fish. It took Dave a minute to come up with enough Spanish to ask "nombre?" "Cardinal" was the reply. Seagulls and pelicans by the 100's were hanging out around where they were cleaning the fish looking for scraps.

A catamaran came in to the bay and tried to park too close to the boat next to ours. We rolled our eyes. While we have 100 ft of chain out, they appear to have let just enough out to touch bottom. That means when we swing around on our anchor we may well run into them. Rookies. Sigh.

For lunch we grilled chicken and mixed it with green beans and pesto mayonnaise. Dinner was steak with blue cheese. Melissa cleaned about 2 lbs of shrimp and put them on skewers so we could cook them over the next few day. But when we cooked the first batch tonight… Yuck. They were "fishy". So we dumped them all overboard.

Dave and I decided the perfect channel on the new satellite radio is the margarita-ville channel.

At 10pm it was pitch black, yet Melissa is still in her shorts. Anyone who knows her, knows that means it is really hot here.




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