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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Hang On!

Good thing Dave picked a harbor that protected us from the Coromuel last night. It blew and blew. But the waves weren't too bad. So Melissa with her ear plugs slept all night. But poor Dave barely slept listening to the wind howling through the shrouds. He said that when he did sleep, he dreamt of tornadoes.

The wind and waves were really blowing. We were headed right into them. Dave was up top driving and he was getting soaked with water coming over the bow. We would get up to speed and hit a wave and the speed would drop to zero. Dave had to have Melissa wash his sunglasses while underway because they were covered with salt.

Meanwhile, Melissa was down below packing up. She was really getting tossed around the boat and had to hang on to something at all times. Dave was worried about her getting sick below deck but apparently she has her sea legs and all is well.

We returned to port today and turned the boat back in. When we got there, the dock was in use and we had to tie up to a buoy. This brought the Mexican in charge of the harbor out. He had a heated argument with Bob about the boat not belonging on that particular buoy. Something about it not being paid for, and the boat being too big for the buoy.

We then headed back on the bus to Cabo, to spend our last night there. We had dinner at our favorite restaurant, Alexander's.


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