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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

What's a coromuel?

Bob took us on a tour all around the town on our way to the store. Places we never would have gone on our own for fear of being mugged. But all Bob's "friends" lived in the "suburbs". We discovered that "Alto" does not mean stop but really means slow down slightly. And at a 4 way alto, it isn't at all clear who has the right of way.

Today we went shopping in town. We should have thought to bring a Spanish guidebook with us. Sometimes we just had to guess at what things were - and pick the most expensive and hope it was good quality. We bought some Mexican cheese, and what I hope is sour cream. California wines were 2x as much as one bottle of Mexican wine. We opened one for dinner, and decided it was miss-labeled vinegar.

Bob checked us out on the boat. Bob talks, and Dave says "uh hu" a lot. After a bit, Bob seems convinced that we are prepared for the adventure and we say adios.

I have come to think that the only things Dave would pack (left to his own devices) is a T-shirt, pair of shorts, binoculars, GPS, and multi-meter. Though fortunately all the electronics on this boat seems to work except a few gauges like the speedometer. How fast will a Morgan go anyway? The dinghy is another story. It wouldn't start before we left but we took it anyway because Dave figured he would just fix whatever was wrong with it along the way.

Melissa read and slept all day. Zzzzzz. Must be the sun and the wind that puts her to sleep. And she didn't work any all nighters before we left this time!

Dinner was grilled chicken marinated in tequila, salt, and lime with a pineapple mango salsa salad. Yum.

We have never seen so many stars. After sunset it got PITCH black and was dead calm. The sky was amazing. We could see another galaxy on the horizon. It is hard to look at these starts and believe we are alone in the universe.

We heard what sounds like cannons in the distance. Fortunately we know there are no pirates in these waters. After briefly wondering if the US had decided to annex Mexico, we figured it must have been fireworks somewhere.

A "coromuel" kicked up after we went to bed. That is a strong wind out of the SE that happens in the Sea of Cortez. No one really knows why the phenomenon occurs. But it blew and blew all night. Dave wakes up when there are ripples on the side of the boat, much less a coromuel. So Dave only got 3 hours of sleep fretting about the anchor. He had read about coromuel but couldn't believe we got into one our first night out. The boat rocked and rocked, but the anchor held firm.

At one point Melissa looked out the port hole out the back to see what was going on. Dave laughed himself silly when Melissa got a face full of sea water bouncing up over the swim step!








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