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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 1 - Traveling



Off we go. Alaska has re-opened their LA-La Paz route greatly improving the trip down. Instead of flying into Cabo and dealing with a taxi and a two-hour bus trip we flew directly to La Paz from LA. The layover at LA was a couple hours but that allowed Dave to buy a pair of sunglasses. It has been said that Seattle residents have the highest rate of sunglasses purchases. They either loose them or break them out of forgetting how they work. Dave can attest to this.

Upon arriving at La Paz and making it through the button of random selection, we searched around the airport for Jorge, Bob’s manager he sent in his stead to pick us up. Getting a little worried we were abandoned, Dave spots a guy with a “Seascape” shirt on and we were saved (hey, Dave wants one of those shirts!). Jorge is a great guy and quickly made us feel welcomed. He drove us to the boat where it was being cleaned and restocked for our charter. We dumped the bags on board and Jorge drove us to the CCC supermarket for provisioning. Dave was a little nervous when he noticed that an alternator was in the process of being removed or replaced.

The trip through CCC was uneventful. We actually figured out where to find the sour cream. It was easy this time – Dave found it looking for the container that says… you guessed it, Sour Cream. The chicken looked kind of odd so we skipped it. The steaks look good. Probably should have bought more eggs (especially since two cracked on the way back). We bought less food this time but we figure we can always return early and eat guacamole at Tecolote beach if we run out. Melissa and Dave have both wondered if we should not just anchor at the beach and dinghy in each day for a pampered day of food and margaritas.

We took a taxi back to the marina to unload the supplies. The cleaning lady, Rafael and Miguel were still busy preparing the boat. Dave got more nervous looking at how greasy Miguel was. Miguel is definitely working hard at something in the engine compartment.

The wind is blowing pretty strong out of the Southeast rocking the boat pretty well at the marina. The cleaning lady had to come on top to get air because she apparently gets seasick. Seasick on Seascape… Melissa gathered all of this despite the English Spanish barrier.

Look who we ran into on the beach near the marina!  Why it is Smokey the Bear and his girlfriend Gypsy Rose Lee!  For those not familiar Smokey just retired from Microsoft.  As a send off, he was given a girl friend and a trip to Mexico!  Apparently they are getting along famously and are still traveling about Mexico.  We invited them along for the sail as we have a spare cabin, but they are hesitant to go for fear of getting sea sick.  They will let us know in the morning whether they want to come along.

Colin, Bob’s “Englishman” friend, came to give us a briefing on the boat. Colin made his way down here from British Columbia some years ago only to never return. He is quite familiar with these waters after working the Moorings operation for some time. Apparently satisfied that Dave remembered how the systems worked on Seascape and knows basic local navigation so he spent most of his time pointing out details on good anchorage and sites on the charts. While talking about protection from the Northwest winds typical of this year, Colin was taken aback when Dave pointed out the wind was coming out of the Southeast. After confirming the wind direction above decks, Dave was a little disconcerted when Colin shook his head and said most of the anchorages were unsuitable for this wind and it might blow for a few days. Great….

 Rafael and Miguel were still working on the boat when Colin left so we decided we would go find some dinner. A mile or more walk into town sounded like too much effort after our travels and lack of sleep so Dave took the dinghy out for a test drive. Bob had promised a new motor after last year’s disastrous spark plug incident.  But alas, as if to haunt him, Dave found a similar looking motor on the dinghy.  Fortunately the dinghy performed fine so Dave collected his wife and headed towards the restaurant they enjoyed last year. The food was barely OK – probably should have gone where the locals go and enjoyed some good food that was not overpriced.

 Dave and Melissa arrived back at the boat safe and sound after dinner in the dark. Dave checked and found two alternators on the engine all hooked up and apparently working so his amperage anxiety was checked slightly.

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