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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 5 - Lay day


Evaristo probably has the best protection from these conspiring air molecules anywhere between here and La Paz so we decide to stay another day. We start the day off with eggs with cheese, mushrooms and onions, bacon and fresh salsa.

After relaxing on deck for a bit, we decide to walk over the neck separating the two halves of Evaristo. We followed the “road” over the hill, past the schoolhouse (which appeared to be in session). On the other side are a few houses with a few donkeys, a couple cows and some chickens. The salt flats are much larger than we saw last time on IsleSan Francisco with piles of salt ready to be hauled away to market in La Paz. On the way over, Dave saw a giant rabbit. It was the size of a small dog. And, no, Dave did not step in any rabbit holes. On the way back, Melissa heard what she thinks was a rattler. Dave could not hear a thing – probably because it was higher pitch than his 44-year old ears can hear.

After the walk, we took down the bimini so Melissa could soak up the sun. It was a little cool in the shade with a 15-knot sea breeze. The direct sun does a good job warming Dave’s girl. Dave is hiding below to cool off after the walk and to make sure he does not get too fried in the noontime sun.

While hiding out below, Dave thought about the trip back. We want to be close or in La Paz Friday night so we can get back early Saturday. It is 50 miles back to the entrance to La Paz which is probably too much for one day if the winds are still coming out of the southeast as strong as it has been. Dave concluded that we should start to head back Thursday.

The couple next to us in “Jamba” invites us over for drinks at 6:00. They brought their boat down from FridayHarbor a couple years ago and then visit it for a month or so at a time a few times a year. They reside in Aspen when on land. We had enjoyable couple hours with them and returned to our boat around sundown. Dinner was turkey with gourmet mustard wrapped around slices of avocado.

The night was very calm – first one on the trip. We woke to gentle rocking of some swells but no wind or chop. It is the first night Dave slept through the night.

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