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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 6 - Heading back


We left Evaristo around 8:00 because we had a long haul ahead. It became clear that we could not visit Tecolote and still be able to anchor before dark so we headed for Partido Cove. The wind was calm and water was smooth with a gentle 2-foot swell coming in from the south. It was a welcomed departure from the 25-knot routine of days prior.

Brunch was guacamole, chips and cheeses. We have two meals left, so Tecolote is definitely on the agenda for Friday. Actually, we bought exactly enough food, beer, wine and spirits and will have very little left over.

On the way we came upon a pod (?) of porpoise. We headed towards them and then cut the engines to watch them play all around us. As they moved on, we turned the engine back on and three of them played in our bow wake for a bit. What magnificent animals.

We went by to see the sea lions at Los Islotes. They were barking up a storm doing their gig for the turistos. We left when the flies starting to take a better liking to us than their usual diet of sea lion and bird …..

Arriving at Partido Cove we found a brisk wind blowing through the gap of the two islands driving all of the boats into a small section in the north. We would have been crowded (getting spoiled out here) so we decided to move up one bay to the north. This bay is just large enough for one boat so we claim it as ours. Dave made a depth sounding rig out of line and a heavy weight to confirm the depths. This bay is a bit too small just to let out a bunch of chain and call it good.

Dave is cooked. We had the bimini down all day and despite lathering up with suntan lotion, his shoulders are burnt. Doing the anchor routine wore him out. He is hiding out below recuperating while Melissa is determined to figure out how to accumulate as much infrared radiation as possible.

Dinner was steak and onion with mustard sauce skewers and fresh pineapple. We cannot get over how good the fresh fruit is down here.

We took the high powered lamp out to shine in the water. It is amazing what all is going on at night. There were so many creatures of all types swimming around it amazed us. Cheap entertainment.


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