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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 7 - To the Beach


The wind came up as usual just before midnight but only blew 10-15 knots. Dave actually slept through the entire night despite the narrow anchorage. Hmmm, something is wrong with saying actually slept through the night on a vacation. Oh, well. Good practice for the real thing.

We ate our last meal this morning. Ham rolled up with crème cheese and fruit. The winds and seas were absolutely calm. We cruised down the island in close to enjoy the sites. Soon, we put up the bimini because both of us were cooking in the sun with no breeze.

We arrived at Tecolote around 1:00 anchoring offshore a bit. Dave’s new depth sounder came in handy and after a couple tries the anchor was set in about 3-arm lengths depth. We then hopped in the dinghy and went to shore. We rented chairs on the beach and had margaritas, chips and guacamole as promised. Oh, this is the life. We asked ourselves why we went anywhere. We also wondered why nobody just anchors offshore and hangs out here day and night. There must be a reason – something to do with the conspiring air molecules Dave is sure.

We watch the people on the beach. A couple guys took jet skis off to the island only to return with one. Apparently, the high powered one that Dave had his eye on died on the other side. Good thing there was two of them because the other guy would not have made it to La Paz for a day or two drifting in the wind. Another drama unfolded when the kid next to us cut his foot on something (probably glass) in the water. Blood, tears and screams unfolded until they had him comforted, cleaned up and then he fell asleep all wrapped up in towels. 

We departed around 4:00 for the next bay but decided to go ahead all the way into La Paz for the night. That way we can take it easy in the morning without any airline anxiety. The last thing Dave wants to do is miss his flight and therefore his flight to Tokyo the next morning. Besides, there is no fretting about anchors when tied up at the dock even though Dave can hear the wind howl through the shrouds already.

Dinner was in “downtown” La Paz. We walked down but took a taxi back. Drinks and dinner only cost us $26 plus $4 for the taxi. Dave has paid more for a taxi to dinner back at home.

Tomorrow is departure time. We have mixed feelings about leaving. The weather is getting absolutely fabulous now that the winds have died down to just a breeze. It is probably 95 degrees and would be dreadfully hot if it were not for the slight breeze. Perfect. We ask ourselves again why we cut the vacation short a couple days. Something about responsibility and commitments. Blah, blah, blah.

The wind picks up again tonight. The rigging shakes in resonance making a disconcerting feeling in the boat. At least it is tied to a dock so is unlikely to go anywhere unexpected.

Tomorrow, we will pack up and leave for home.

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