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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 1 - Are we well enough to go?

We are due to depart Thursday from Vancouver BC for the flight to Greece.  (Originally having planned to be at Whistler prior to the trip to Greece - we booked the flight from Vancouver -alas circumstances had changed and the Whistler part of the trip was canceled.  However, determined not to give up the "free" business class seats booked a year ago on miles, we continued the plan to depart from Vancouver - a 3 hour drive away.)  We woke up on Thursday morning to find that Dave was sick as a dog.  His throat hurt so bad that he was thinking maybe he had strep throat.  Thank goodness for the Microsoft mobile doctor.  Came to check him out before we leave for Vancouver CA to catch our plane.  She said that Dave would be "miserable for a few days, but you can't not go".  So she prescribes some codeine to help him with the pain and says go for it.

So off to Vancouver we go.  Melissa on her cell phone doing conference calls with the office along with way.  As we cross the border, Dave says, you have to hang up now!

So we board the plane for the UK.  Fortunately we have those great business class seats where you can lie down and sleep the whole way.  Dave taking more codeine than he should and supplementing with gin martinis.  Melissa might have objected except that he was in such pain he was in tears.  Years previously, when Dave cut the end of his thumb off with the saw, he just asked for more Ibuprofen and more Martini's.  So if he is so bad off that he is in tears, things must be really bad.

We reach the UK with a 7.5 hour layover.  We had talked about visiting London, but Dave is so sick that we decide to just hang out in the British Airways lounge all day.  Melissa is bored and again starts working on Microsoft emails.  Hmmm... Melissa seriously needs a life!

So Melissa also logs on to Wells Fargo to do a little banking.  Unbeknownst to her Wells Fargo has this "nifty" feature where if you logon from a foreign location, it shuts you accounts down.  Of course, we find this out after the account have been shut down.  The irony being that the only thing Melissa did was to transfer funds between accounts - not to actually remove any funds from the accounts.  Melissa figures a discussion with the developer who programmed this logic is in order.  Alas, Wells Fargo will only discuss this topic between 7am to 7pm Pacific Time Monday through Friday.  So this weekend, we are grateful that not all our credit card accounts are with Wells Fargo.  Sigh.

Finally we board the flight to Athens.  Arrive at 2:30 in the morning.  Get to the hotel about 3:30.  Dave falls instantly asleep.  (Melissa knows this because of the snoring.)  Melissa is wide awake till about 6am.  We wake Saturday morning at 10am...

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