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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 12 - Who knew the SeaHawks were popular in Greece?

The next day the weather was supposed to be better.  So we headed for KOS.  The seas were calmer and the winds were back down to a reasonable level.  We sailed into a small port called Kardamena on the south side of the island.  We docked the boat right in the middle of town.  We walked around looking at an array of tourist trap restaurants, discos, bars, and shops.

At one point we hear, "hey - where did you get that SeaHawk shirt?" Dad replied, "From the SeaHawks of course!" One of the waiters in a restaurant called Alexander's was from Seattle.  His father was Greek and he spends his summers in Greece.  He lives near Bellevue Square!  Of course we had to eat at his restaurant and had a good time chatting about what was up in Seattle, and he gave us good tips on what to do on KOS.

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