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Day 14 - Can’t go to Greece without seeing some ruins

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Today we wrapped up the boat, filling it with gas, cleaning up, and packing.  After that we went and saw the town of KOS.  The most amazing ruins are in the main town of KOS.  There are several acres of land that once contained an ancient city.  The land was occupied from 2300 BC.  The town that stood until only 100 years ago when it was felled by an earthquake, was built starting in 366 BC.  After the earth quake, archeologists tried to rebuild what they could of it and it is now open to the public.  You can go in and climb around in what used to be houses, the town square, and churches.  The stone work that remains is amazing!

Later in the day we headed for the airport and flew back to Athens where we had dinner and said goodbye to Dad and Marla as we were taking different flights back to Seattle in the morning.

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