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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 3 – On Our Way!

Dave wakes at 8am and is ready to roll.  Everyone else is sound asleep.  Dave finally starts the engines at 9am and we are off.  Sailing out of Athens the view was spectacular.  Along the way we ran into a pod of dolphins who were amusing themselves playing in the bow wake of the boat.  For once we even managed some pictures of them.

We have stopped at an island called Kea.  It is a lovely island where we went ashore in the harbor to look at the stores filled with trinkets and the taverns along the water front.  As we approached the dock we could see the anchors on the sea bed.  The water was as clear as could be and the most beautiful inky blue in color.  The sunset was spectacular.

Dave tried to make coffee in the morning, but alas the coffee Melissa bought appears to have been ground fine for espresso.  It clogs the French coffee press and Dave ends up covered in coffee.  Oops.

Breakfast was bacon, melon (a funny looking variety we thought was cantelope and tasted much like it, but the interior was green colored like a honey dew), cottage cheese, and croissants.  Surprise!  The croissants turned out to be chocolate filled.  Odd to eat for breakfast, but no one complained!

Dad comes up on top and is shaking like he is cold.  Melissa "never to be caught dead without a sweater" DeLong is in shorts and a tank top.  Dad's hands are deathly white as if they have no blood.  Same with his feet.  He is clearly going into shock, but we can't figure out why.  We put him in a warm sweater.  Melissa tells him to tighten up all his muscles (this helps to raise blood pressure).  He sits for a while outside and gets visibly better but is still slurring his speech.  After a while he goes and sleeps all afternoon.  When he wakes up his color is better, but he is clearly not all there.  Never did figure out what is wrong (and the next day he was fine).

Melissa starts to make preserved lemons out of the giant bag of lemons purchased at the store.  She slices them thinly and coats them in salt and sets them aside.  In a few days she will douse them in olive oil.

For dinner we had fresh mango, pineapple, sautéed zucchini with feta cheese, and beef stir fry with rice.  The beef tasted good, but was really tough.  The remainder needs to find its way into a stew or pot roast.

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